V18 Walk/Trot Electrical


The Victory 18 machine is a lower spec model with a walk/ trot and steady canter capability. This is an electrical model and so produces very little noise, ideal again for usage within populated environments. Built with a similar structure to the V38 and V28 models, this machine is manufactured to cope with all makes and shapes of horses.


Specifications – V18 Walk/Trot Electrical
Speed:                    4 – 25 kmph
Elevation:              0 – 4 degrees
Length:                   6.1 m
Width:                    1.9 m
Height:                   1.5m (2.m Elevated)
Drive:                     415 V/ 15 KW / 15-20 HP


Level, concrete slab not less than;
Length:                  8.0 m

Width:                   2.1 m

Depth:                   120 mm